Breakthrough In My Challenge Journey: Day 23

sunrise photo challenge

I did not intend it, but today is a breakthrough in my sunrise photo and health challenge participation. You know why? Because I have walked one hour today up on a hill near our home. Yay! They say walking uphill is a good cardio exercise. I am so happy to have done it. What a coincidence since twenty-three is my most favorite number combination.

sunrise photo and health challenge

Other than that I brought home along with me beautiful photos. The one above is a wild grass flowers. Beautiful right?

It was already six o’clock when we started. My plan was to just walk near our home for maybe twenty minutes because I have other plans for the morning. However, when my youngest son woke up he urged me that we take a walk to this place. Who would say no to a cute little darling? So off we went.

When we reached the usual place where we used to stop and go back our way, he requested that we continue forward because he wanted to have a clear view of the sea. So forward we marched.

sunrise photo and health challenge

Yep, that is me on my yoga journey. I did not do all the sun salutation poses though because it seemed insensible to do upward dog in the middle of the road. Thankfully, in this hour of the morning only very few vehicles would pass by. Thumbs up to my five-year old angel who managed to take a reasonably good shot.

I also would be able to cross out one goal in my wishlist: take a photo of myself doing a yoga pose along the road. Perfect!

sunrise photo and health challenge

The goal! Clear view of the sea. We actually did not hit home run because we were a little further from the top of the hill. But then my son’s little legs were a little bit tired, so down we walked.

Had the sunrise been bright, this road would bathe fully its light. But, it was a cloudy morning again. You may notice only the pale patches of the sun’s light on the road.

So then we call it a day. Sunrise photo and health challenge very much completed. And the best take home? An exclusive date with my youngest darling!

May you have your breakthrough today too!


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3 thoughts on “Breakthrough In My Challenge Journey: Day 23

  1. Congratulation on making it up to the hill!!! Great pictures, yeah the wild grass flowers are beautiful! Your son may fall in love with taking photos and become a photographer. I let my son take pictures of the sunrise and things around us during our walks and he is starting to love it. Just try to ask your son to take picture of you more often and you will see. I like how to sun in the photo is gently touching you. It looks like the sun wants to be a part of the challenge with you, like the sun wants to connect with you. Its amazing photo!

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