One Rare Morning: Day 22

moon-sunrise photo challenge

Look who’s here! Yes, the moon was still around at 5:40 in the morning. Is it not beautiful? Before I slept last night, I went outside to say goodnight to Ms. Moon. And when I woke up, she was still around! It is amazing to know that you are about to look for the sunrise, but it is the moon you will see.

At the opposite side, Mr. Sun was about to rise. His light was slowly driving the moon away. I felt greatly with the birds sitting on the wire. They seemed to savor fully the moment with the moon at their left and the sunrise at their right. Truly amazing. If I could just capture the birds in flight and the crowing of the cocks and put an image of it here, you would actually feel this exemplary morning.


I did a thirty-minute brisk-walking. It was easier to do this since I did not have any companion to consider. But, I met many early risers who were jogging too. This is one of the highlights of waking up and walking early – you get to meet people who share the same interests with you. Just by knowing you have the same health goals make you tick. Later on, they become friends and the people you expect to meet while you are on your way every morning. The presence of each other inspires more. With everything that I have seen, my day started with full of inspiration.

May you have an inspiring morning too!


(You may visit Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge here.)

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2 thoughts on “One Rare Morning: Day 22

  1. It is very rare connection between us, Nezel, I can see that from your article. You are experiencing very similar things on your morning walks and it always create smile on my face and good feeling. I noticed too that there are very few people in the morning doing the same healthy walking or running as me but they are all smiling at me and even greating me. That is very surprising and refreshing.

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