Why I Love “Me” Time: Day 20


This morning I took my morning walk alone. My boys seemed to be too lazy to get up early because of the activity we had yesterday. I woke up a little later too. I just walked nearby and caught some interesting things on my cam. I again started chasing butterflies. However, I failed to take a good shot. The butterflies were hyperactive again this time.



Being alone is good for myself too. This means I could spend some quality time with myself with just a few minutes. These days I had been busy with lots of things. Solitude is the time for me to clear my mind off things I no longer need to dwell on. I did just that.

This is also a “me” time wherein I feel happy to be around with myself. I hope it would resonate with others when I am back with the company of other human beings. I also noticed that by giving myself this kind of treat I am more capable of taking others; maybe because I was able to take care of myself too. Furthermore, Sherrie Burg Carter of Psychology Today says: spending time with yourself is preventative medicine to combat burnout. I agree with her one hundred and one percent!

Give yourself a break. Have a “me” time!


(This is my day 20 on Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge.)



4 thoughts on “Why I Love “Me” Time: Day 20

  1. AAh, here is the log that you were talking about. Its beautiful and the sky is magical. Its very nice photo! I am so glad to read that you enjoy your free time, your “me time.” With family and kids around us we often forget to take care of ourselfs. Your article reminds me to make time for myself. Yeah, its good idea!!

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