Victory Over Confusion


Confusion once overtook me.

Its cruel claws buried deep under my skin.

Its sharp fangs tore my flesh.

I was like a sheep without a shepherd;

A ship without a compass-

Under the mercy of strong winds,

With gigantic waves waiting to swallow me.

In my desperation I call on my Maker:

A soul groping in the dark,

Praying for the star of the East to direct my path.

Out of His deep love,

The Maker cast His eyes upon me.

He gently took me by the hand

And urge me to rest on His lap.

He never uttered words;

But by His mere presence

Everything became clear to me:

Confusion is not a destination;

It is a tight dark tunnel,

That if you managed to squeeze through-

Enlightenment in all its glory!

Awaits you in the end.

And it is a journey taken not alone

But taken best with the great Power above.

For He alone knows

The right way out of the tunnel.

(Daily Prompt: confused)



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