The Story of Juan

the story of juan-complicate

Juan was a local fisherman who lived in a tiny yet beautiful island. One hot summer day, Juan decided not to go fishing since the sun’s scorching  heat seemed to penetrate deep into the skin. He settled himself on a bench made of bamboo alongside the beach. As he was about to fall asleep, he noticed somebody was looking down on him. He squinted his eyes, to see who it was. With the look of the man, Juan sensed he was a tourist in their place. He slowly seated himself up and encouraged the man to sit down. The man settled himself beside Juan. He said, “it’s an awesome place you have here.” Juan replied, “Yes, we are blessed to have a place like this.” The man introduced himself to Juan, “By the way, I am John. You are?” “Juan,” Juan replied cheerfully. Their conversation lengthened with topics ranging from Juan’s simple life in the island to John’s whereabouts in the city. Then John opened up an interesting topic:

John: If I were you Juan, instead of just passing your time sitting down on this bench, I would go to the city.

Juan: What for?

John: To find a job that would give you the highest income.

Juan: Why?

John: So that you’d be able to send your children to prominent schools.

Juan: And?

John: So that they’d be able to land on high-paying jobs. So that you’d be able to buy yourself a big house, and cars, and buy everything you want.

Juan: Is that all?

John: So that when you retire you’d be able to enjoy your self on a beach, happy, free and having the  life you want.

Juan looked firmly at John with arched brows and slowly replied:

Juan: Why would I bother myself doing all those things, when I am already enjoying my life the way I want it to be?

… This may sound a lazy man’s story. Yet, Juan got a point. Do we really need to complicate life?

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: complicate)


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