Immersed In Nature: Day 18

Day 18 on Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. Today I focus on how the challenge brings myself to be immersed in nature. Nature is beautiful; we know it is. Yet, it is not enough to admire only the sunrise, admire only the sunset, or admire only the beautiful flowers, and animals and plants. As the challenge progresses, and I am spending more time with nature, I slowly notice small details that nature lays before me; that nature has a story to tell.


This flower’s petals (above) have some holes because the bugs around are eating it. Yet, the flower is still beautiful. It may look imperfect, yet it continues to be a flower. It may just live for a day, yet it has helped other creatures survive.

The color of this flower is so pure; no stains, no marks whatsoever. Yet, it had holes too; an evidence that shows someone earlier had been there. We do not know the real story. The petals tell the story itself.

The story of this butterfly is its sweetness. It was so sweet enough to allow an intruder to come nearer her and took a photo of this dear fellow. At first she was aloof. But then her heart melted and had given herself to be exposed to someone who admired her so much. Insects could be friendly at times.

This above photo is an image of a spider’s web on the grass. Its architecture and structure seem so complicated. But I found it interesting and beautiful. Mr. Spider was able to build a house as neat as this overnight. Only that he is nowhere to be found then. I wonder if he still has plans to return here.

This one is the source of all life. Without the light of this giant ball those creatures above could not have thrived including the one taking this photo. Yeah, the giant ball is not yet visible above. It is still around 5:30 in the morning. And I am here to meet and greet this light.

Being immersed with nature is so beautiful. I am so much grateful for being surrounded by all this beauty. Thus, I am taking life as it is, with all that I have, with where I am.

You may not be blessed with much abundance of nature the way I do, just come to enjoy the park in your location, or the interior plants inside your office, or the flowers in your vase. However, if you open your window earlier in the morning and come to breath the fresh air, you’d be amazed how energizing it is to the body and to the spirit. And this act is being one with the One who created nature, being one with the One who created you and me.

Have a blessed day!


(So grateful to have reached the 18th day! You may view Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge here.)

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5 thoughts on “Immersed In Nature: Day 18

  1. I love this. I’m always intruiged by spider webs, ever since I was a kid. I also agree with being immersed in nature. I remember taking a week-long camping trip to Crater Lake. It was nice to have the distance from the grid and connection to the earth and life around me. Your post made me think of that!

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  2. Yeah, you are right, nature is so beautiful and there are many stories around us. We just have to open our eyes and look for all the secrets. I love your spider web. I tried to take picture of spider webs and I have to say it was pretty hard. Its still on my wish list of things that I would love to capture with my camera. Its nice to read about your little discoveries. 🙂

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