My Most Awesome Encounter With A Butterfly

chasing butterflies

My charm worked so well this morning! I saw this cool butterfly along my way while I had my early morning walk catching the sunrise. I then followed it to get a photo. We had a little bit of a stalking game because it seemed to be aloof at first.

On my first attempt, it flew and transferred to another grass. On my second attempt, it stayed for a while and I was able to get some shots. But I was not contented with all those takes. It again flew. I followed it still. On my third attempt, it might be tired of my persistence or just simply turned nice. It did not move and allowed me to take shots of it to my heart’s content. It became so friendly, it just allowed me to come as nearer as I want. There was no need for me to set my phone’s camera to a zoom since my phone was less than two inches away from it. I took this photo with the phone’s normal settings then. I was even able to touch it. It allowed my fingers to touch its legs then flew after a second.

chasing butterflies

That was a very awesome experience for me. That was the first time I got that close with a butterfly. If anyone could see me at that moment, he might think I was an obsessed Pokemon Go player. Being in the middle of thick grasses, holding my phone so still. However, my obsession is not with virtual creatures that pretend to be present in the real world. My obsession is with creatures in the real world; moving creatures who delights in my presence; breathing creatures who give me an unforgettable experience just by allowing me to touch its legs even for a second. Moreover, this kind of experience gives more power to my spirit. The memory of my encounter with this awesome butterfly always curl my lips into a smile. By this, I could say with the Psalmist: How marvelous are God’s workmanship!

May you have an awesome experience today!


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6 thoughts on “My Most Awesome Encounter With A Butterfly

  1. Nice stalking, done it many times myself, not always been so lucky! ☺

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  2. Beautiful pictures! And lovely reading, it brings a smile to my face and memories about my chase to capture butterfly with my camera. I am happy to see that you are enjoying your morning walks 🙂

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