Mesmerized By The Beauty Of The Sunrise: Day 16

As I am on my day sixteen of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge, I come to realize many things. These realizations come not out of deep thinking or profound contemplation. It came naturally as I was there, immersed with nature, full of awe and childlike wonder.


I will state one by one these realizations in my every post as I complete the 30 days challenge.

Today, the realization I will share is about the beauty of every sunrise. Just come to think of it, I and my family live in our place for six years now. We are blessed to be in a place surrounded by nature. We live near the foot of a hill and a few kilometers away are the beaches. Some rocky. Some sandy. But I never get to witness even one sunrise in all those years.

I consider myself a nature lover who do not fail to exclaim oh! and ah! every time nature awed me. I love sunrises. I love sunsets. However, it never occurred to me to make an effort to get up early and catch the sunrise. Well, the challenge did not actually make a rule out of this. But it seems to me to be a good idea to catch the sun while it goes up. And they say, there is that  golden magic when the earth is caught between the dawn and the rising of the sun. I also proved this to be true when I had the most beautiful experience once in my life. The memory of the birds and the grasses’ golden silhouette while the sun slowly peeked through the horizon still mesmerizes me up to this day. It is that part of my memory bank that somehow grounded me to become what I am now.

Despite this experience, I never made it a point to watch for every sunrise. The sunrise is not visible from our home because there is a high wall at the east side of our yard. The sun would reach us by 6:30 to 7:00 a.m. then.

When I joined the challenge, it was then that I started to take a walk early in the morning to watch the sunrise. At first alone, and later accompanied by my kids who also love to wander on early mornings. My first goal was to take a photo of the sunrise. As to the health part, I already do ten to thirty minutes of yoga routines since then.

With that in mind, I excitedly look forward every morning getting sunrise photos. As I do this almost everyday, I think, maybe I am slowly falling in love with the sunrise. Every sunrise is different. And every sunrise is beautiful in its own way. Even when the clouds cover the sunrise, its beauty still finds its way to express itself. The beauty of the sunbeams that find its way through the trees makes everything around it like a fairy tale. Even the clouds that receive the sunrise’s rays turn into shades of gold.

It is this beauty that motivated me to go on. At first, there was the effort and the discipline. Now, it is all the inspiration to watch something beautiful and different early in the day that makes me get up, take a walk and be there where this beauty finds its way through me.

May you find something beautiful today too!


(You may check Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge here.)

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2 thoughts on “Mesmerized By The Beauty Of The Sunrise: Day 16

  1. Hello Nezel, I finally find time to read this your article properly. I am so happy to see that you are falling in love with the sunrise and that is works its magic on you too. Its so good that you have such variety of views near your house and that you can try to catch the sun in different places. I have never watch the sunrise too until I started this challenge. I hope that the beauty of the sunrise will keep motivating you and you will keep chasing the sun. I love your words and how you describe it all.

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