Life Is Not A Joke

life is not a joke

If life were a joke, I would love it to be that way.  You see, as I look at my life, it seems seventy percent had been wasted to aches and pains and only thirty percent did I live fully. If the hurts and pains I have done unto myself and unto others would be a joke, to move on might be easier. I just have to laugh at it with the realization that everything is just a prank. But life is not a joke!

I do love life as it is. But I am struggling at times, many times. I am not complaining. I am just telling it as it is. Because life is not a joke, I just have to smile everything that happens instead of laughing. This means I do take life seriously. I would not laugh at it because everything that happens, happens not for nothing. Everything that happens, happens for a reason: for learning how to live life fully.

Life may not be a joke, yet I still have the choice to take things lightly, shrug my shoulders to my mistakes and move on carrying more lessons.

Have a purposeful day!


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