Live Fully

wp daily prompt: luxury

(From the reflections of my friend, Fr. Ronnie Ablong)

The feeling of incompleteness will always be with us. Something will always be lacking because like road projects, we are under construction. At least in this life, we will never be fully satisfied: we’ll always want for more until we are fully rested in the very heart of God.

What matters most is not how much we’ve acquired but how well we have lived and responded to the purpose through which we were created. The shortness of our years and the brevity of our days call us to live a good life. In the end, no amount of bargaining could extend our days. Once it’s up, it’s up! And the years wasted become lost opportunities.

It is up to us which way to choose: the path that leads to the luxury of this material world, or the luxury that leads to life everlasting.

Time is short. May we have the best choice.


(WP Daily Prompt: luxury)


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