Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Heath Challenge: Day 14

A beautiful day to all!

I have not taken my morning walk because I got sick. I just did deep breathing and drank ginger tea. No matter how much I try to stay healthy, there are times that I pushed myself over my limits. These are the times that nature reminds me I am just human and not a superwoman who can do all things.

My body and mind need its rest too. Also, I come to be lenient with what I ate. My body acid has risen because I started to take in more coffee and eat not so ripe mangoes all on the same day. I had a history of acid reflux. My situation now made me evaluate again my lifestyle and be aware of everything that I put inside my mouth.

To make it short the lessons I learned from here are:

1) take it easy, rest if you must, there is always another day; and

2) be careful with what you eat! please… You are what you eat. Even if your salivary glands respond excitedly to the food before you, say no to temptations with much grit. The pleasure you derived from eating the food or drinking the beverage that can not make you healthy is only shorter compared to the suffering your body experiences as a result of that poor diet. Besides, it is you alone who experience the pleasure. When you are sick, the family suffers a little bit too.

Since I have not taken sunrise photos, I searched from my archives and found this photo taken four years ago. I am so happy to be still hanging on with the challenge for fourteen days now. Thank you God. 🙂

Stay healthy!


(You may check Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge here.)

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