My Perfect Morning: Day 13

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What a windy morning. I was unable to take a walk because my youngest son got sick. I had only minimal sleep and felt too tired to get up earlier. But this did not stop me from taking sunrise photos. I just waited for the sunlight to fall on my garden.

The photos above were taken from 7:00 to 7:30. Since my body felt too tired to do some physical exercises, I just did deep breathing and meditated with nature.

Have you tried meditating with nature? You do not need deep silence to do it. You just have to be with nature; inhale the fresh air, listen to the swaying of the leaves, listen to the chirping of the birds far and near, look up at the blue skies above, feel the coolness of the wind and allow yourself to just be there, as if you are a part of everything that makes the morning beautiful.

This morning our neighbor tied her goats in a short distance outside of our yard. While I was walking, these goats were so busy munching grasses. The smell of the freshly cut grass was so pleasing to my nose. It added an element of perfection of the moment. Beautiful!

How I wish all morning should be like this. Of course, it is not possible. What makes this morning different from other mornings is the windy feel it brings. There is a low pressure area in some parts of the country again. This low pressure pulls some extra wind to rotate in our area. Mornings that are a little bit windy are the perfect mornings for me. I do not know why I have this feeling. But with a morning like this, I so love to be with nature and just be. Before I know it, I am already meditating.

Meditating with nature for me is an act of being one with all the other creations of my Maker. And it is an act of showing gratefulness to Him for creating me, for creating you, for creating us.

Hope you have a wonderful morning too!


(So glad to be on my 13th day of Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge. You may visit the challenge here.)

(WP Daily Prompt: praise)


4 thoughts on “My Perfect Morning: Day 13

  1. Amazing! Fabulous! So touching to our heart!

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  2. I too love the wind 🙂

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  3. Hello Nezel, I am so happy to read about your amazing morning and your bonding with the nature. I love meditating in the nature too, its amazing to connect with forest, flowers, sun and with everything that is so natural for us. We spend way too much time indoor with elecronical devices and it affect our physical and mental health. So meditation outdoor, in the nature, under morning sunlight has huge healing power. Your photos are beautiful! The morning sun makes magic on the flowers and plants in your photos. Hope your son will feel better soon. I have lots of catching up on reading your post for Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge, I am so happy you keep going. Well done 🙂


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