Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise And Photo Challenge: Day 12

I climbed up a little hill to take a little glimpse of the sunrise.

At the distance we could see the sea and the neighboring island.

The clouds still cover the sunrise this morning. But the weather is so fine. My youngest son willingly accompanied me to take this walk. We started at 5:30. We decided to hike in this hilly area because the last time we hiked here my youngest son was unable to go with us. Thus, he so desires to take a walk here.

My plan for today is to do only 30 minutes of walking. But when I told my son that we should head back home, he complained: no mom, we should have the view of the sea first then we should head back home then. So we walked a little further til we have the view of the sea. Pleased with what he saw, we then headed back home. And did brisk-walking along the way.

All in all we walked for 40 minutes this morning – the longest time I covered since I joined this challenge. I normally take my morning walks between 20 to 30 minutes. Included in this walks are chasing butterflies and taking photos of something interesting along the way. But today, most of it is brisk-walking. And it feels so good. Notwithstanding the bonding I have had with my youngest son.

May you have a great morning too!


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2 thoughts on “Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise And Photo Challenge: Day 12

  1. Beautiful photos! I am happy to read that you climed up to the hill to take sunrise photos. Its challenge to do it with your little son. My kids joined me too few times and it was amazing experience for all of us too.

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