Unpremeditated Path


There was something yesterday that I missed out. I am grateful to WordPress for making me remember. It is just that this blog turned one year yesterday. Yehey! Cheers!

The reason behind this blog’s creation.

Actually, this blog is not my primary blog. I created the blog Purposive Ninja to be my portfolio blog for my virtual career. However, I have no knowledge whatsoever of WP’s roundabouts. Sure, there are many video tutorials out there. But the hosted WP is different from the free one. I don’t want my portfolio blog to be an experimental one. So I opted on creating an expiremental blog. Out of nowhere I called it Purposive Writer because the name is nearer to my other blog. I then started tinkering around here. My priority was never to post daily. I believed I could never do it. I just posted when an inspiration sparked within. There were even months that I posted nothing. From time to time I also wandered to my other blog. What kept me busy by then was making the assignments my mentor gave us for our portfolio blog. The greatest challenge though was the juggling of time. I am a full-time mom and a full-time employee as well. Somehow, I managed to get on even with a turtle pace.

Looking for a direction.

Come April. I reviewed my goals for 2016. I was dismayed for it seemed I was running around the bush. I needed a push to get to where I want to go. One of my goals is to become a writer. I know I would not become one just by  dreaming of it. So I vowed to myself to write daily. At first I wrote on my journal. I got bored in there because no fresh ideas came. It were just full of my bantering with life. I decided to check on my blogs. While browsing, I came across the WP challenges. Then and there I challenged myself to post daily. No excuses.

Dramatic change.

I did post daily with the aid of the daily prompt starting May 5 with the purpose of honing my writing skills. Then came the likes, the comments, the followers. Wow! I got surprised. I never expected someone out there would read my blog and even cared to show some reactions. I was greatly overwhelmed and inspired. I learned to check out others’ blog too. And at times found inspiration from my fellow bloggers’ piece. I even found friends. Posting daily was no longer a burden for me. I eagerly looked forward to the next prompt. I also got inspired joining some challenges from fellow bloggers. And I further discovered my love for photography. Before I knew it, I got hooked with this blog.

Well, there were days when I got sick and days when the schedule was too tight. If I could, I still did the prompts even if it were days or a day delayed. No excuses, I kept telling myself. Having someone read my blog is an achievement for me. Really!

Thank you WordPress for the greetings! I am very much happy to be here. And am looking forward for another great year ahead. My plans for this blog? Let me just keep it a secret for now. Or should I say, I will follow wherever this will lead me. I am sure it would be for the better.

Lots of love!


(WP Daily Prompt: dramatic)

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