Mutual Admiration

As I was going home from my early morning walk, I spotted this guy. I got interested with him and followed him to take a good shot. He got interested with me too and made a landing on my hand a few seconds after he flew. He carefully scrutinized my hand: fingers, palm,back.

Wow! The feeling was mutual. I admired him. He seem to admire me. I was just grateful I still managed to take shots with my right hand alone. He maybe so curious that he did not fly after maybe three minutes. Many times I attempted to nudge him to walk on the leaves, still he clung to me. After few attempts, he seemed to get the message and stepped on a flower where I put my finger on.

That was so awesome.

May you have an awesome day too!


(WP Daily Prompt: admire)


10 thoughts on “Mutual Admiration


    I read this at 5:30 in the morning. Your writing was peaceful and refreshing! Thank you. I feel like I was there with you!

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  2. God’s creations are amazing.

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  3. It looks and feels to me that you are, “At one with Nature”, and that’s a great feeling. Superb capture!

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  4. Beautiful & colourful.

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  5. So lucky, so beautiful!

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