Caroline’s Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 8


A wonderful day to all! For two days now master sun is still hiding behind the gloomy clouds. Low pressure area is hovering above our country’s atmosphere. The news says it would become a typhoon either today or the next day. So we would be missing beautiful sunrise for days. (sighs).

But the health challenge is still up. I am doing my yoga routine and stretches indoors. I still manage to smile. It is still a beautiful day after all.

I took this photo weeks ago. I got interested with the sunrise’ light falling on the trees beyond. It makes a beautiful contrast to the trees in our yard that are still waiting for the morning sun to shine on them.

May your day be beautiful too despite of the changes around.


(You may view the complete details of the challenge here.)


7 thoughts on “Caroline’s Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 8

  1. Good to see you catch up with the challenge!
    since you love Yoga so much..have you ever considered visiting India – where yoga was born?

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  2. Lovely!

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  3. That’s amazing! I love your positive words! Its very encouraging. Thank you for staying in the challenge with us. The weather is similar here and sun is hiding, but when the sun will finally show face, it will bring lots of happiness and magic to our photos. 🙂 Well done!

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