Beautiful Sunrise: Day 7

Hello everyone! I am glad you are still with me in this sunrise photo and health challenge. This morning my son went with me walking with his pajamas on. I did not bother to change him for fear of failing to capture the sunrise. He gladly nailed his pose. 

In this photo I so love the sun’s rays that illumined our neighbor’s front yard. It blended well with the morning fog.

What I love here most is the reflection of the sun on the grasses. It turned it into gold.

All these things made my spirit rejoice and my soul praise God in this early morning. His creations are truly wonderful and beautiful.

These photos were taken at 6:00 a.m. to 6:15 a.m.

(You may visit Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge here.)

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunrise: Day 7

  1. Good morning to you 🙂 Its amazing to wake up and see your beautiful photos and feel good that someone is still in the challenge with me.These photos are wonderful. My favorite is the middle one, I love what is the sun doing on the street, on the sand… the shadows and the light are soo cool! Well done. 🙂 Wow

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    • Good day Caroline! I am glad you like it too. The middle is also my favorite. We have the rains for two days now. I may upload older photos. I hope to stay with you til the completion of the challenge.:)


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