Is Happiness Elusive?

Why does happiness seems so elusive? This past week I have witnessed relationships broken. Wounded people walking along the byways of life carrying their life as if it were a burden. I listened to their tragedy. I tasted the bitterness of their life. What could I tell them? I just sat their listening, trying my best to add a lightness to the air. There is no one to blame, not even these people. For the outsider like me, it is easier to pinpoint where did their sufferings began. But how could I tell them what to do when I never had the experience of making someone direct my life?

How could I tell them: hey, you are in a bad situation you could no longer get away from, just change your attitude then. How could I tell these words that easy to someone whose wounds are so deeply buried by the decades  that pass? How could I tell these words to someone who brought these wounds even unto her grave? How could I tell her when it were these wounds that poisoned her body burying her down under?

Happiness is a decision. Most of us find our self entangled in a situation because of someone making a false decision. We sometimes believe blaming helps. It eases the guilt for the time being. We are like prisoners unable to get out of the cage because we choose to throw the keys away.

A life lost. Relationships shattered. I could only pray for these scenarios that seem beyond repair. And to the living, who believes that happiness is attainable I have these words to say:

Happiness is first and foremost a choice. Nothing and no one is perfect on the face of the earth. Accept every person including yourself, even if he and you seem unacceptable. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. If you can, get away from that situation that’s slowly killing you. If you can’t, then walk in the least traveled path-change yourself. Use the key to unlock the chains that bound you for so long. That key is love. Know what that love is. Know that you can find it not in other’s closet, but in your own. Search it inside you. It is just there. If you believe in prayers use that tool. It is free and so helpful. If you believe in God. Call on Him. He never judges anyone. He listens. He cares. Just beware though. Good “things” never happen in an instant. Good “things” take time. It is so because when you find it, you will never ever lose it. And take note, God does not answer prayers that could do you harm. He knows what is good for you. He only wants the best for you. Lastly, no matter how much you try and do these things, you could never become perfect. You still would fail. You still could make false choices. Oops! Do not stop reading yet. When all these things happen, the roller coaster of good and bad, and you find yourself no longer cry over these things, then you have found the key to mastering your own life. Because life is not about making only good things happen to you; it is all about becoming a master in the journey; able to maneuver through every storms that come.

I am not saying these things because I am already a master of anything. I am just sharing what I learned from life’s hard knocks university. I have been traveling through life’s healing seas and still battling to answer every question that life throws at me. And I just love to see a small portion of the world being healed.

If you are already in this journey, I am so happy for you. If you are just starting out, I am happy and my prayers are with you. If you believe this is just one of those too good to be true posts, it is okay. In the right time , you would do it too.

May all of us find our true purpose.


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4 thoughts on “Is Happiness Elusive?

  1. This is a very wonderful article on life lessons. Love and forgiveness are really very important in our lives. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.

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  2. Believers know that God is love and love is God. When I can I encourage those in pain to turn to Him. Prayer doesn’t change God, but it changes our outlook. It’s not easy to find happiness, it’s not as easy (in my experience) as saying it’s a choice. Good topic, nice article. I hope the people you’ve written about find love and peace in life – and in death. ♥

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    • Thank you Laurie. Yes, sharing with others our faith in God helps more. Sadly, those who consider themselves believers are more often the ones who fail to see the right way. Healing only happens when the wounded seeks it. It would take time. And mostly this “time” never comes.


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