Hello Sunrise!: Day 6


God’s love is

                              beautiful as the sunrise,

                                              tranquil as the sea,

                     fresh as the morning,

and a sanctuary for you and me.


sunrise photo challenge-purposivewriter

I am so happy to share these sunrise photos. These were taken along the port in Dumaguete City on July 25. I managed to get across the island next to ours to attend the burial of my cousin’s wife. I got there the night before so I was able to go hiking and do sunrise photo  taking the next morning at approximately 6:10.

My day started great! I did some brisk walking and stretches.

I promised yesterday that I would be sharing a wow sunrise. I hope I was true to that promise. Please do say you love it too the way I did!^_^

Have a purposeful day!


(This is my 6th day of joining Caroline’s Sunrise Photo and Health Challenge.)

(WP Daily Prompt: sanctuary)



6 thoughts on “Hello Sunrise!: Day 6

  1. Lovely sunrise! How did you manage to click yourself while you stretched? Is this place surrounded by hills?

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  2. Wow. You did it! Its amazing sunrise! Wow, its beautiful.The sun is hiding here today, so I am so happy to see your picture. Its brightened up my day! Thank you 🙂

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