Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 5

I do not know what is in store for me today, Lord. I am not certain of what will come my way. I am afraid. I am anxious. I hesitate to make a step, to turn right or to turn left. O Lord, guide me. Hold me and whisper to my heart that it is alright to move forward.

I do not know everything. The lessons I learned in school, the things I’ve read in books, the wisdom passed on by my elders are not enough to make my days aright. There’s always something missing in my life.

But one thing is sure – you are with me in the midst of my uncertainties. In the highways and byways of life you are there standing right at the center of my journey. You are not far but near. You are never absent and you will never be. Your presence is ever constant. You make life meaningful. Let me reach out to you, O Lord, and let me walk again today.

Ronnie Enriquez Ablong

These sunrise photos were actually taken yesterday. I scheduled it to be posted later but then missed to hit published. Been away for a day. When I checked the blog it was still in my drafts. So I just published it now.

The sunrise photo I got today was super wow. Promise. Will publish it tomorrow. Please do check it tomorrow and let’s both be amazed. ^_^

Have a purposeful day!


(You may view Caroline’s sunrise photo challenge here.)

3 thoughts on “Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 5

  1. Wow! I am truly amazed!The clouds with a bit of sun are beautiful! I havent been well myself last two days and I have many picture ready, waiting to be publish, so lots of catching up to do. Well done. I am happy that you dont give up and keep going. Its very motivating for me. Thank you 🙂

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