Caroline’s 30 Days Photo And Health Challenge: Day 3

sunrise-photo challenge

“I will praise my God in the morning…”


sunrise-photo challenge

“I will sing to Him all my days..”

The morning started to be cloudy today. I am just happy I was still able to catch on cam a glimpse of the golden clouds and a bit of sunrise.

This photo was taken at our little village, Nonoc, at around 5:50 A.M.

I started to join this challenge out of impulse. The next day I found myself thinking: gosh, could I make it? I am just thankful, Caroline sets no rules and indicates it to be as flexible as possible with time frame that has a lot of allowance. This means I still could indulge with some lazy mornings in bed.

The motivation of getting up early is advantageous too. Months ago I started getting up at 4:30 in the morning to do some projects. That did not lasts long. My wake up time soon became 6:00 in the morning. I do yoga and some stretches indoors. So getting outdoors earlier was not a habit. The last time I did some early morning walks was when I got pregnant with my youngest five years ago. After that I no longer ventured outside that early.

Now I am much motivated to go out earlier and do some hiking to get a good view of the sunrise. And this morning was a wow moment for me. The air was filled with freshness; dewdrops scattered all over the leaves of plants and trees; the birds chirping and flying above. Everything was so fresh. In just a few minutes I forgot all the cares in the world and immersed myself with nature’s abundance. My spirit rejoiced. How grateful I had been for God’s beauty and goodness surrounding me.

Hopefully, tomorrow the rain would not come in the morning and me able to get up early again.^-^

Have a purposeful day!


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2 thoughts on “Caroline’s 30 Days Photo And Health Challenge: Day 3

  1. That is so beautiful! I can feel the morning athmosphere like I was there with you. You did it! Congratulation 🙂 Sometimes the clouds are so beautiful and when I see all the colors on the sky I think about God. Its like he is an artist too and he paint different pictures on the sky for us to enjoy. I am happy you capture the beauty in your photos. Well done on your day 3 🙂

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