The Cracks Of Life

(This is a reflection of our Parish priest, Fr. Ronnie Ablong which he originally posted in his  personal FB account. I find it worth sharing. Hope you will be inspired by it too.)

Ronnie Enriquez Ablong's photo.


It’s not just the earth which has cracks. Our life, too, has cracks. Big cracks. Small cracks. Open cracks. Hidden cracks. They are of varying sizes and shapes. Some cracks come naturally; others are induced; and some others happen because of our own making.

Cracks sore; pains pulsate; and the discomforts never seem to go away. Failed relationships, broken promises, death of a loved one, shattered dreams, debilitating sickness or disease, betrayals by trusted friends – all wound the landscapes of our hearts and souls. They are the cracks that take a lifetime to heal.

But cracks don’t mean death. They are, in fact, signs of life. There’s crack because there’s a struggle; there’s a struggle because there is life. Let’s thank the Good Lord that we are still alive and that through the cracks of our lives, we grow and become better persons. There’s no such thing as smooth sailing; there’s only the constant adjustment of our sails.

Have a purposeful day!

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