Dear ex-Friend



You found me nice and so you took advantage of it. You believed just because I am nice, that equals weakness. You told her how mean I was; and all other things that would make you appear the hero, and me the villain. She called me up and did not care to ask for my side. She just poured me words that she believed what I needed to hear, concerning you. Do I gulped in silence? I did.

I did not confront you though; not because I am a coward but because I believe things must be that valuable to fight for. I am choosing my battles carefully. My silence does not mean cowardice. It just means the issue is not worth it.

It is a reality that people pull others down to put themselves up. You happen to be included in the statistics. Moreover, things are not worth fighting for when the battlefield is biased. I may just waste my time and effort, then cry in silence.

In the battlefield where we march I may appear the weaker one, and perhaps the loser too. But be careful, you never know what is in my mind. None of you even cared to ask.

However, I do not wish evil to befall on you. I resisted the temptation. Because I have a little knowledge of how things work in this world. What you wish, whether good or bad, for you or for others, will come on you for it is rooted in your mind; what you do to others, will happen to you because of karmic events. And I love myself that much-if I could, I would not poison it with negativity of some sort.

In this world nothing lasts forever-good or bad. So I know, time will come that I would completely be able to forgive you. This time it still hurts a little bit, no matter how I assured myself that my happiness does not depend on you.

I still rejoice though. Because it means I am alive and human for having a feeling no matter its state.

And you? I know God is working with you too, the way He is working with me. God’s battlefield is never biased.

May we be true to our purpose.



(WP Daily Prompt: cowardice)





10 thoughts on “Dear ex-Friend

  1. Very well said… It’s amazing when you read something and feels like it’s your story.

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  2. That hit a flashback button for me. I wish someone had filled my mind with the thoughts so true and ‘above all’ like the ones in your posts. Great write up!

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  3. This is a truly amazing post. I love the spirit. You come out tall if not like a giant. Bravo!

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  4. I just hate it when people feel that you are weak just because you show them some kindness and be nice to them. Those people find out the hard way that being nice doesn’t mean you are weak

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