A Journey In The Desert


A desert is a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all; any area in which few forms of life can exist because of lack of water, permanent frost, or absence of soil. 

There are two great events that took place in the desert in Biblical times. One is in the Old Testament, and the other one happens in the New Testament.

The desert in the Old Testament

In the Old Testament it was the journey of God’s people led by Moses. It is said that they wandered for forty years in the desert with the purpose of arriving at the Promised Land.

While in the desert the people groaned and complained against Moses. They blamed God for their struggles and hardships. They thought God brought them to the desert to die of hunger and thirst.

However, Moses prayed and called on God. And God always heard him every time he prayed. God provided them manna for their bread, sent fowls for their meat and led them to springs to quench their thirst. God never abandoned them until they arrived in the Promised Land.

The desert in the New Testament

In the New Testament, the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil. After spending forty days and nights without food, Jesus was hungry.

Then the devil came to him and tempted him to show his power of turning the stone into bread. The devil failed.

Next, he brought Jesus into the holy city and set him on the highest wall of the temple. He then urged Jesus to prove himself Son of God by  throwing himself down that angels may rescue him and carry him. For the second time Jesus resisted the temptation.

Finally, the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the nations of the world in all their greatness and splendor. The devil then told Jesus that he would give it all to him if he would kneel and worship him. But Jesus managed to set off the devil on his foot.

Then the angels came to him and serve him.

The desert in the modern times

In our times the desert is still an important part of our journey. Each one of us has to wander in each of our desert. This desert is presented by sickness, death of a loved one, frustrations, failure of relationships or any undertakings, being abandoned by family, friends or even loved ones, being mocked by people for our failures, weaknesses or shortcomings, and any unfavorable situations that we face where we feel so alone, so lost, so hopeless that our souls would groan and long for the promised land.

It is in this desert that time seems to stop and we feel our agony to be so long. We hunger for someone to comfort us; we long for someone to quench the thirst in our souls. We then start to blame everyone who seems to cause our difficulties. And as humans, we tend to blame God for not hearing our woes and listening our cries.

The harsh reality is, in this situations it is not the devil who will tempt us to turn our backs from our good self. Most often it is our loved ones or the people whom we look up to, who would crush our spirits, say nasty things, adding insult to injury.

And the inevitable happens, some are not able to stay in the desert any longer and shorten their agony by taking back their life. Very painful reality indeed.

At times too, the devil speaks to our minds. He would say he could give us all the power on earth when we kneel and worship him. Sounds familiar? It is the material world speaking of fame and power

.Well, when we are so down we are often tempted to rise up and fight back. We will try to acquire the power used by people to bring us down. When we have that power, we believe we are able to say: it is payback time. Then do to them what they did to us. This is a very familiar scenario-in movies and reality as well.

But this is not how God designed humans to be. That is why, people who do this are never, ever happy nor fulfilled inside. Outside they seem to be; but inside their spirits are slowly withering.

As we can see, we do not really know why we have to go through this journey in the desert; why we have to wander in the wilderness. God could bring us to heaven in a snap without allowing our spirits to be crushed. But no. God wants us to claim our birthright of withstanding temptations. He wants us to overcome our desert victoriously. He wants to hear us say like Jesus: Be off, Satan!

And when we are able to do this, His angels would then come to our aid. See? The desert is just a process of refining our spirits.

Yeah, not all of us can see it. We just have to do our thing. And when we are victorious in coming out from the wilderness, others would see the difference in us without us convincing them to. They just see, because God’s angels are on the move. May we be victorious until the end that the inspiration we bring may help save a life.

Have a purposeful day!


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  1. Wonderful posts! Glad I found you!

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    I am really filled with joy for this write up.Keep it up please.The life we live now more than ever before needs serious encouragement for a lot of us. once more I say thank you,more grease to your elbow.

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