Peel Off Those Unwanted Layers



Have you tried cooking a banana blossom? Yes, banana blossom or banana heart could be cooked.

For those who grow up without seeing a banana plant, let me share with you how a banana plant uniquely bears fruit.

When the banana plant matures, it would grow a banana blossom on its top. The blossom will then shed the top layer of its skin and expose finger-sized flowers. When these flowers are pollinated, it will then develop into fruit. This process of shedding happens gradually, while the blossom continues to grow. When the flowers stop developing into fruits it will start to fall. There is then a gap between the fruits and the blossom. When this happens you have to cut off the banana blossom so that the fruits would grow into its ideal size. Instead of throwing away the blossom, it is best to cook it.

But before cooking it, you have to peel off the outer layers of its skin-the parts that are hard. It can be done by pulling off. When the whitish skin appears and the layer cuts itself when pulled, this means it is already good for cooking. You have to cut it first into four then boil it to get rid of its sticky juice. After it has boiled, you may then select the best recipe you love. You may make a salad or burger patties out of it.

The process of healing is also a little bit similar to peeling off the outer layer of the banana blossom. It is a gradual process. We have to peel off the layers from our self, the one that hinders our growth.

First, we need to peel off anger, then jealousy, then envy, then hatred. After that we need to face the fears. We need to pull that one off. Then there is the ego self too. There is no proper order as to what negative emotions should we peel off first. It depends on the degree of the negative emotions that are bothering you.

Your inner self, your pure self is the one the world needs. You have to go through this pain of peeling off if you were to be of use into this world.

Even the banana blossom has its use. How much more of you when someone great died on the cross for you? I know you already started the journey, or else you would no longer be reading this post. Please continue to be. You are far greater important than everything else in this world.

And by the way, the banana plant bears fruit only once. When its fruit is harvested, the plant is then cut down to allow new suckers to grow.

Just like the banana plant, you only pass this way once. May you bring good harvest too.

Have a purposeful day!


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2 thoughts on “Peel Off Those Unwanted Layers

  1. I really appreciate this post, and I hope many others find it as meaningful and pertinent as I do. Keep writing, Nezel! The world needs your words!

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