Tourists In Our Own Place

Sometimes when the work load are so great and the pressures are piling high, we forget how to live our life. Our minds would scream: hey let me have some space, please! No matter how we push ourselves to still go on with our daily tasks, our bodies and mind would no longer cooperate.

Nothing we could do than surrender to the will of the body. This is the best surrender we could give our tired selves. We need to breath. We need some space. We need to reconnect with our selves and with, of course, our families.


One way of reconnecting is to be with nature; to find some fresh air to breath and new place to get excited about. However, if time could not cooperate with us to go some place farther, we just have to look nearer.


The nearer, the better. And the greater the number, the merrier.


I am lucky enough to be in a place where the tourists go. It’s a simple place filled with wonder and awesomeness.


I have that big dream to be a tourist too in another place. But before I do that I have to soak first in the awesomeness of our place. I got to have that eyes of the tourist, breath the freshness of the air, feel the coolness of the water, embrace nature in all its wonder. And it feels so good to celebrate nature this way with the entire family.


And after such nature soaking and family bonding, wow it feels so good to be at home with spirits renewed and mind afresh. Back again to life’s daily grind but full of wonder and awe.

Have a purposeful day!


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6 thoughts on “Tourists In Our Own Place

  1. Letthelightinreflections

    You live in such a lovely place. Thank you for sharing your photo’s. It’s really nice to see other area’s of the world.

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  2. Traveling is the best feeling ever….

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  3. Traveling is something in South Africa everyone should consider .you learn,you see ,you relax ,you become .traveling shouldn’t just be one visiting a family member every year the same place …..Naah!!! Go out ,hAve fun !

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