Lovely Clouds Above My Head


Sometimes clouds make me smile,

But at times it make me cry.

I smile when the clouds form lovely shapes,

Like rabbit, and horse, and sheep.

Or even when it’s scattered,

Like cottons above my head.


When the clouds are too thick;

And cover the world in gloom,

My heart also feels the dread.

When I long for the sun,

But it’s only typhoon that comes.

Sometimes too,

When it’s my world that’s filled with gloom;

I just have to look up,

To see the sun shining above,

And the clouds spreading

Like arms full of love.

Then my soul finds its rest.


(WP Daily Prompt: clouds)

3 thoughts on “Lovely Clouds Above My Head

  1. […] Source: Lovely Clouds Above My Head […]

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  2. A very lovely poem.

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