No Fence At All


Dear extrovert,

Yes, I am an introvert. I am not making a fence to keep you out and keep me in. My silence does not mean I do not like you. If I do not share your interests, it does not mean they are uninteresting, I just have different interests than you. If I decline your invitation to your party, it does not mean I snob you. I just do not love parties and rather prefer to be alone. Please don’t assume that I am negative or there is some problem about me. Let us just accept the truth that I am not at ease with your company because more often than not, I always feel an outcast in your group. And I have no intentions to become like you either. I also do not have any intentions of learning your interests just to be accepted by your group and have your approval at last. But I do respect you. And I am happy to have you around in the community.  May you feel the same way for me too.

Thank you,

Your introverted neighbor.

(WP Daily Prompt: fence)

4 thoughts on “No Fence At All

  1. So authentic!! I love this post. So relatable, honest, and to the point. I love the wording and the way it isn’t “in your face”, but just readily calm, steadfast, and absolutely confident. Such a great tone and intelligent expression of the self.

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  2. Very profound. Makes me think more profoundly about life.

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