The Prophecy They Told Me

prophecy-spirituality-self-development  defines prophecy as the foretelling or prediction of what is to come.

I suppose most of us had been prophesied of what would we become in our peak years. I, too, received different predictions from different people. Here are what they told me:

Oh, this child would grow up to be a feisty one. My grandmother at my father’s side said when I was barely a month old. I did not grow to see her and knew her much because she died when I was four years old. My family lived at a distant place. My mother just went to her in-laws to give birth to me. She brought me back to our place when I turned three months old. I knew my grandmother grew up with a different generation and a culture far different from the modern times. Perhaps, the reason why she had a different prediction of me. As I see it, I am not that feisty, maybe just brave and unconventional.

When you grow up you’ll become a lawyerA neighbor and some relatives told me this when I was more or less five years old. According to them I was good at logical reasoning. Well, I guess, children at this age tend to show this personality. I find it not uncommon. I did not grow up to be a lawyer though.

You’re a mystic! You’d be a mystic. A fellow seminarian told me when I was still in the convent at eighteen years old. This I love. Who does not want to be? Yeah, I had been blessed enough to have those aha moments; when space and time stand still in my favor and allow me to savor the glory of just being-I could not describe it in words. It’s just far way too beautiful. It just makes me smile and say wow! But through the years as I undergo some purification, my spirit is unable to connect there. I am just happy that it is slowly coming back now.

Someday you’d become an evangelist. A schoolmate told me when I went back to school at twenty-one years old. This made me curious as to what he saw in me. I did not join any religious organizations at school, at church or in the community. I was just seriously studying. However, they knew about my convent days. I was just different perhaps. Besides, I did not engage myself in public speaking. But, the writer of the gospel is called evangelist. And I do love writing, or should I say, God gives me the ability to write and urges me to write. Is the prophecy happening at last? I do not know. Only God knows. If this is it, so be it. If not, God knows more where to put me best. I am just happy being here, now, doing this thing.

What about you? Has anyone told you what would you be in the future? Whatever it is, God knows best.

Have a purposeful day!

~ Nezel

(WP Daily Prompt: prophecy)

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