Von Voyage


Sad. Empty. Lost.

Such were the feelings that bound my soul in chains.

At night the nightingale heard my sobs;

At daytime the breeze dried my tears.

What would I do?

Where would I go?

Those questions vibrated in the deepest part of me.

Then one day, one good fellow told me:

“Get up, your life is yours to take;

You’re not at the mercy of someone’s cruel schemes.

Look at yonder and beyond,

There’s a land flowing with milk and honey;

It’s yours to take, if you just believe.”

I did believe.

And prepared everything for the journey.

I grabbed time and effort;

Armed myself with determination and will.

This time I would never get lost.

So then I embarked on my journey.

And ’til now I am still in the middle of the sea,

Readjusting my sails,

Fighting with  the waves and storms,

Getting strong and developing much grit.

Determined to arrive one day,

At the land flowing with milk and honey.

One day I will….

(WP Daily Prompt: voyage)



4 thoughts on “Von Voyage

  1. I love this! Very well written! Goodluck with your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

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