My Ever Constant Companion


I learned this Psalm when I was twelve years old. My aunt, then a born again Christian, taught me this and urged me to memorize it. From then on, this has been my prayer, especially when I am in deep trouble and in fear.

I admit I am vulnerable as a sheep. And need someone to guide my every step. This prayer gives me strength. I feel so much God’s presence just uttering these lines. Also, when in some nights I have difficulty getting sleep, instead of counting sheep, I recite this Psalm. Almost always I fall into sleep even before arriving at the last line.

This is now one of my 2016 goals: to teach my kids this Psalm and make them memorize it. With high hopes to inculcate in their minds that God is their constant companion.

Have a purposeful day!


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3 thoughts on “My Ever Constant Companion

  1. Beautiful, meaningful, and long-lasting; those are the qualities of the message of this post! Thanks for posting this!

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