Beating the Heat at Salagdoong Beach: Summer 2016


They say every summer has its own story. Well, we do. Our story goes like this:


Bonding with cousins at the beach!

These are my cousins from five different provinces across the country. It’s kind of a small reunion for us this summer 2016 with the kids, nieces and nephews. It is “happiness” to have this reunion at Salagdoong Beach. Unluckily, I was not included in the photo. Guess why. I was the one who took it!


This is my youngest son Nyel. He was having fun throwing pebbles at the water below. He had just been through swimming.


Meeting with cousins the first time!

These three are second cousins: Ren, Hannah and Ina. They last saw each other fourteen years ago when they were still toddlers. This was the first time they met after that long years.



Sharing food!

Actually, we just finished our lunch. But everybody enjoyed everything on the table. They were eating sliced mangoes here. When you are at the beach, you forget your diet.



Enjoying the view!

Well, this is obviously me. Enjoying the view after soaking from the cool waters for an hour. I did not have a photo of me at the water though. Everybody was busy by then.

May you have an unforgettable summer 2016 too!

Have a purposeful day.


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