Aimless No More And Shining Through


Life is a maze

Life is one big maze, that if you venture aimlessly you will always arrive at dead ends. The good thing is you are always welcome to start all over again anytime you want to. You are given your own unique path to venture. While searching for that path you may follow others who are ahead of you. However, in the long run you will always find that path that belongs only to you.

You are a light

But, there is one thing you need to look out for: you are not allowed to stop or quit along the way. Do and many will be affected. All because you are bringing a light for others to help them light their way too. You are not put in this world without a reason. Others are bringing their light too. It is just that in time of storms some lights would flicker. And for certain reasons your light is chosen to remain lighted. It is from your light that others are able to ignite their light too.

Storms along your path

Only that when the storms along your path are too fierce, chances are you would lose your light too. Usually, you see nothing but total darkness. You will grope for your way to no avail. Fear not. The designer of this maze is too brilliant. You need only to call upon His name and He will send someone along your path to light your way. If not, He will give you the faith and strength needed to slowly ignite your own light.

His light shines through

But before this happens, He will allow you to drain yourself of all the pains and hurts, and aches in your heart. It is at this point, where it is His light you see; it is His light that heals you. When the light within you recognizes His light, it will slowly shine twice it did before. Because the truth is, every time you encounter storms in this maze and are able to keep your light shining, it will become brighter and brighter and brighter. It will reach to a certain point where there is no need for you to take care of that light within because it can already take care of itself. And before you knew it, you find yourself outside of the maze, no longer afraid, and with a light shining ever so brightly.

Have a purposeful day!

(WP Daily Prompt: aimless)


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