Hitting the Mark


Perfection happens when we stop striving to be perfect.

Small goals are achievable; like the games of archery and dart. When you hit the bulls eye, there is perfection. But hitting the target requires much training, discipline and determination. It is not achieved by mere desire alone.

Life is a series of hit and miss. We miss a thousand times before we are able to hit that perfect mark just for once.

But how then can we make perfect this game called life? How to perfectly hit the target? Life is no simple game. It is not a competition wherein you win and the other one loses. In life every situation must be a win-win one if possible. Everybody wins and no one should lose. In short everybody must be a winner. And before you could win, you must help someone win first.

It may seem difficult. It really is. But, Jesus has an answer to all our questions and doubts. Mohammad has an answer. Buddha has an answer. Every saint and wise man has an answer. And these are the people who never strive for perfection. What they strive for, are to teach, to lead people onto the right path and help them become winners in their chosen fields. It is their examples we must emulate, their words we need to hear and put into practice. It is from their mouths we find the techniques to living a ‘perfect’ life that someday we may be able to utter the words of St. Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith…. ”

May someday we may reach this perfection.

Have a purposeful day!

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