I Still Found Me in the Midst of the City

I climbed up the bus with much anticipation. Deliberately, I located myself at the seat beside the window. It was seven-fifteen in the evening. It would take almost two hours of travel before I reach my destination, depending on how the traffic goes. As usual, I was on my most meditative mood. Travelling is one of my most favorite activities. I just do not know. But I feel so at peace and so at home with myself whenever I travel. This evening was no different.

As the bus swiftly climbed the skyway, I turned my gaze outside the window. The headlights of the vehicles at the other lane were like stars in the darkest skies. The red back lights ahead of us were so beautiful to behold as if it were one caterpillar crawling along the road. I held my breath. It was as if in an instant I was in another world. A world so beautiful that even time and space dare not interfere. Wow! Aha moment. Being on top of the road, with lights below us, I felt I was riding on a shooting star across the light-flooded universe. So beautiful. So perfect. So tranquil.

Meditation sometimes is not limited by time and space. At times, it does not require you to be alone to be just in the mood. Wherever you are, whatever you do, as long as you are so full of yourself aha moments happen.

Have a purposeful day!

(WP Daily Prompt: city)

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