Just Hang On


It’s been twenty-four hours and I have not written anything about the daily prompt for yesterday. I don’t have even the vaguest idea. The funny thing is I lived it through the day literally. It is not that I have not any struggles in my life. Truth is, my life is a struggle in itself. Oops, I am not complaining. Done doing it a year ago. Well, sometimes, I do visit the ‘poor me’ room. But just occasional visits to take a peek to ensure it exists. And it really does.

But today, my mind was a mess. Perhaps it was due to the power interruption last night. We slept at past midnight when the power returned. It was so hot then, that was why our sleep was disturbed. And when I woke up this morning my head was a pound heavier. I was not used to sleep for five hours or below. I normally sleep for seven hours. Thus, today is a struggle to hang on and get on with the day.

Well, life is like that. It only takes a little change to make our day a mess. Especially when what is disturbed is the sleep cycle. Because sleep deprivation leads to a lesser mental alertness, vulnerable emotions, weak body and makes you less productive.

Anyway, even if you are healthy, everyday is always a struggle: to be happy, to do the right things, to brighten someone’s day, to give your smile to a stranger you meet on your way to work, to thank the saleslady at the grocery store. You know, those little stuff. Even to yourself. It is a struggle to say, ‘hey buddy it is alright if an acquaintance does not smile at you. She may be having a bad day.’

Yes, these little conversations I have with myself is a struggle too. Because there is this little vulnerable child in me that I am taking care of, always patting her back, and keep on explaining to her why things happen differently. Loving her takes much effort. But I know my struggles would pay off in the end.

There was this one person who said “The greater your struggle, the higher your calling.” Sorry I forgot your name. Whoever you are, I just wanna say, ‘I Believe You!’

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: struggle)



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