Rebuild Your Bridge


Trim a tree and it will grow a healthy branch. Block the passage of the brook and it will create another one. A place where once a volcano erupted would offer a heavy jungle when restored. Nature has its own way of rebuilding itself.

What about humans? Hate and it will return back to you. Be angry and you’ll receive the same in double. Love: sometimes you get it back, other times you will receive otherwise. It is the emotions in between that hinder humans to rebuild himself or his relationship to himself and to the world. It is this rebuilding of ourselves that God sent Jesus to show us the way.

We are all broken because broken persons from generations before us passed that brokenness to us. Most often we receive it wholeheartedly, as if that is what we are. The more aware ones receive it with brows arched. Yet receive it nevertheless. And when things do not turn out right, we fight and blame each other for our weaknesses. We engage in war. We kill each other; for the shallow thinking of fighting for a cause and knowing what is right.

Actually, it is not the weaknesses  in us that made us restless. It is that perfectionnot the perfection that the world defines, but the perfection of our true being, of who we truly are that wants to get out. It is that being on the other side of the bridge that is calling us to pass trough the bridge in order for us to know our true selves. That bridge that we must pass through has been destroyed as times passed by. That is what we need to recover. That is what we need to rebuild. And the thing is, only one must pass that bridge-not two, not three. In short, others who successfully arrived at the other side could give us only lessons and techniques on how to pass through that bridge. They could not hold our hand, nor carry us. The journey is ours alone.

The journey may seem arduous. Do not lose heart though. That is what we are here for. Just answer this question: Are you willing to do what it takes to rebuild yourself? If the answer is yes, then you are good to go.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: rebuild)

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