Where Transformation Starts


Everyone longs for transformation. If we all have magic, we would certainly transform easily ourselves to something we long to be. Or to some extent transform others to what we wish them to be. Unfortunately, God did not create nature this way. God create nature to be slow, to have its seasons, to follow a cause and effect phenomenon. As someone said, we could not achieve a different result by doing the same thing over and over again. We need to change in order to be transformed.

Transformation takes time as much as patience and diligence. And if we want to be transformed, we need to do the hard work it demands.

God unrelentingly wants us to transform ourselves inside out. He puts us in blazing furnaces, throws us into the den of lions and sometimes gives us crosses to carry if those were what it takes just to transform us. We complain yes. But if we dig into everything and every situation that He throws our way, the message is still the same: we need to transform ourselves not for the worst but for the best. Because He created us with the power to transform ourselves. We just forget. And He just makes us remember.

So then, whether we like it or not, we must transform ourselves. And whether we like it or not, transformation starts with us. Others are waiting. God is waiting. Yourself is waiting. Just be.

Have a purposeful day!


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2 thoughts on “Where Transformation Starts

  1. “if we want to be transformed, we need to do the hard work it demands.” Oh that is so hard to hear… I was very happy, very healthy and then I am hit with adversity.. Is that God wanting me to transform? to Change?

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    • Perhaps yes, Maggie. God always wants us to be better persons today than we were yesterday. It’s in adversities that people change the most. I hope this article helps a bit. Thank s for stopping by.


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