Always Connected


“We’re sorry. The number you have dialed cannot be reached.”

Those words from the operator still creates an uneasiness within me. The cellphone is the only medium that easily connects me to the person I adore once. That was the time when the internet was affordable only to the selected few. Snail mail was then a trend. But why should I use it when I already have my cellphone?

I met this guy through his sister who was my co-worker. You know, those times when the cellular phones were new everyone has his/her text-mate. Yeah, I was one of them.(wink). We started as friends, got developed with each other and became lovers the first time we met in person. But things did not turn out quite right in the long run. I was unable to give in to his demands and expectations. He slowly faded and gone. He was totally gone when every time I called his number the operator would say: The number you have dialed cannot be reached.

That hurts. Really, really hurts. That was the first time I felt so really alone and so lonely. That was the first time I listened to the world around me and asked myself: Why does the world continues to be with its daily grind, while my own is falling apart?

Well, the moving on was not that hard though. Because God does not have an operator who says He could not be reached. He was there when I connected with Him at that very moment. He was and always with us. But that operator? Her voice still sucks.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: connected)


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