The Most Challenging Adventure There Is


The most challenging adventure there could be is the journey within oneself.

Outside adventures like hiking or trekking offer challenges that are more physical and mental in nature. The wise adventurist would do some preparation before taking the journey, like: preparing yourself physically and mentally for the needed endurance, choosing the exciting destination, checking for favorable weather conditions, doing research and gathering facts about the place and maybe checking out some feedback from other adventurists who had been there. Thus, he has in his mind the perfect picture of the place, as well as the trails and paths to follow to arrive such destination.

However, all of the above things do not apply to the inward journey. The challenges within are far more unpredictable and beyond expectations. For one thing, you do not have a clear picture of what is in there. Counselors and gurus tell you  how great you are within. You just need to google ‘greatness‘ and your eyes feast on thousands of greatness quotes. In Psalm 139:14 the Psalmist even claims: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made… The Dalai Lama quotes and teachings assure us of how beautiful the person within us is.

It is but human nature to seek positivity in all things. Because perhaps that is who we really are. Only that when we take a peek within ourselves, what do we see?: monsters that we keep on fighting against, darkness in the deepest recesses of our souls, a tactless critic, a giant shadow from the past which seems to devour our flesh every chance it gets, and many other things that we wonder why are there, yet could not thrive there without our permission. Yes, the journey within is full of battles, occasional storms and thorny paths. What do we do? To move forward is not the easiest choice, but the only better choice.

With the help of the online world, it is now much easier then to embark on this journey. Like what we are doing right now, right here. We are open in sharing our stories, listening to what others have to say hoping to get inspiration from them, learning from each other and encouraging one another. These are all part of that inward journey.

For me, I embark my journey trying to emulate Christ’s works; not because I am perfect but because I am imperfect. I need God’s light to brighten the darkness in my soul. Apart from God I am nothing but total darkness. With God I am fighting against the monsters within me, invading the darkness within with His light. This journey is far from smoothsailing though. But it is worth taking because from here life takes its meaning and our very purpose opens.

May you have chosen the adventure of your lifetime too.


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