Magnificence Of The Night Sky

magnificence of the night sky-purposivewriter

If there is one thing in the sky that takes my breath away, it is the magnificence of the night sky. Its tranquility and mystery just awed me. When the moon is full I could not help but gaze even for an hour. When the moon is out, the twinkling stars that glitter like diamonds fascinate me. The sky seems to be a black blanket with many holes. The light from behind the blanket passes through these holes. It is such a magnificent sight.

At times I feel the mysterious sky seems to ask me: Hey my child how are you? When are you going back home? I really have this weird feeling that I once was floating in the sky. Then I entered Earth and became me. That is why when I look at the sky my spirit feels so at home, so at peace.

I do not want to seek the answer whether what I feel is true or not. I just praise my God for the grandeur of His creations. One thing is for sure – I am part of it.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: sky)

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