Redirecting Our Gaze

What is your life’s purpose? The prompt today seems to ask me this question. To think, my blog is about discovering our life’s purpose. I do not make this blog just because I already found my purpose. Instead, I am making this to discover my life’s purpose along the way.

But today, I have to answer this question. What really is my purpose? The answers came racing in my mind. But it is all vague and just beating around the bush. I want something clear and concise. I then remember the book of my favorite Christian author, Charles R. Swindoll that I am currently reading. It is titled, “Great Days with the Great Lives“. It is about daily insights of the great personalities in the Bible with biblical references too. Deep inside I feel I could get a grain of truth there.

Before opening the pages, I asked God to guide me to the page that was related with my life’s purpose. God willingly guided me. Consequently, I opened the page speaking about the prophet Jeremiah’s life. Swindoll’s first line was, “A Christian’s greatest goal is to be like Christ.” There I have it. Plain and simple. If I consider myself a Christian, which I really do, that is my goal, my very purpose-to be like Christ.

Jeremiah and Jesus’ life were almost parallel. From their deep belief in God to handling temptations and conflicts, being in the desert, proclaiming God’s word, tested by the people and finally the way they were brought up to heaven.

As ordinary as I am, I may not do things as greatly as they did but I could do what I am supposed to do according to my calling. Each day I can do something that may lead me to the fulfillment of my purpose. I have the choice to be better today than I was yesterday. I have the choice to be kinder today. If bad days come, which sometimes they will, I have God to carry me through. I hope and I pray. Not only for me, but for all of us who believe that we could make this world a better place to be, in our small little ways.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: purpose)


2 thoughts on “Redirecting Our Gaze

  1. A lovely post indeed. Your purpose is great.


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