The Two Roles At The Circus

two roles at the circus- purpovie writer

The circus is one of my childhood wonders. Every start of the year, it is what we, children, are looking forward to see. Our hometown celebrates its annual fiesta every eighteenth of January. And every year the circus arrives to perform in our town. By December, we then start to save money to pay for the entrance fee for the circus’ series of shows. The circus performs for seven consecutive nights. This means we have to save quite a lot of money if we were to witness all the performances every night.

I still have that envy flowing through my nerves of the acrobats whose flexibility and courage are really worth the amount we paid for. The flying trapeze never failed to take our breaths away. The magicians, even though not that excellent, also awed us. When you are a child every little magic fascinates you. That was what we felt. We were always fascinated and mesmerized by all the performances then. To add, the rides were considered superb during our time.

Only that there was one news that saddened us at one point. One of the acrobats died after falling on the ground while performing in a different place.

Well then, life is like a circus. Sometimes we are the performers. At times, we are part of the audience who claps or criticizes. When we are the performers, we perform our best even though it means risking our lives just to make others happy. Even if heavy problems seem to drag our frail bodies and mind, we just have to go out there and do what we are supposed to do because others are counting on us. When we are the performers, we forget ourselves at the moment and put our focus on our tasks because others are watching our every move. However, it is also fulfilling to realize that we make others happy even for a limited time only. If we get lucky, others would never forget our greatest performances. The admiration would be engraved in their hearts all throughout their lifetime.

Being part of the audience is the easier role. We have the right to appreciate or criticize. It is up to us to clap or not. And it is also a very comfortable place to be because we are part of the majority. But then, if we carry with us heavy burdens too, we tend to forget those burdens because our focus is transferred away from ourselves to the people who are trying to entertain us. For a moment we experience bliss. It is that experience where we are at our peak without being aware of it.

What role would you love to play then? I guess, we performed those two roles in certain points in our life. Whatever role we are playing at this moment, may we give it our best shot because every day contributes to the greatest performance we would do in our lifetime.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: circus)


2 thoughts on “The Two Roles At The Circus

  1. Fascinating view of life, thanks. Blessings Joy


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