Orderly Creation

The universe is arranged in an orderly manner: the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars. Everything has its own axis, its own path. The Creator designs everything in the universe in its proper order.

On Earth we follow laws: laws of nature, laws of love, laws of science… and so forth. Laws regulate things. Laws make everything orderly.

On ourselves we, too, love order. We do everything to make a relationship work. We do everything to make our life in order. We do not like disorder or discord. It is in this desire to make an orderly life that makes us do things in a disorderly manner. Simply because we do not know how to do things properly. Modern day counselors tell us to seek mentors. Religious people tell us to seek our God. Enlightened gurus encourage us to seek ourselves.

Everyday we face this challenge. Everyday we make choices. I hope in the end we all may be able to put ourselves in its proper order, with thoughts flowing freely like a river and bodies flowing gracefully with abundant health. This is how we are created to be. This is how we should be.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: orderly)

One thought on “Orderly Creation

  1. ‘Laws make everything orderly’ is very true.

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