Countless Prompts: One Direction

countless prompts: one direction

Yesterday I read a post about posting daily following the prompts. The writer says, she’s not into it because it does not work for her. One reader sides with her and comments that others use it because it helps them in a way. Another comment points out that even if some use prompts they end up saying the same thing.
All of this made me pause and ask myself these questions:
  • Why am I following the prompts?
  • Is it really helpful for me?
  • Does it lead me to where I want my blog to be?
  • Am I just being redundant?
One by one I found the answers to these questions.
I am following the prompts because I need a teaser; to think something outside of my own box. And I found it fulfilling to share my thoughts over something that others are thinking about too. One word, but different ideas. One word being discussed in different lights by people of different cultures, different personalities and different experiences. It amazes me in some way.
The prompts help my thinking muscles to stretch a little bit everyday. Because English is not my primary language, I need to consult the dictionary from time to time to make sure I understand the word fully. And when I am unsure of it, I break my rule and post something not related to the prompt; but something I am excited about.
I focus my blog more on personal development. So far, I managed the prompts to go to that direction. Anyway, I am just three weeks in posting using prompts, let us just see if I could do it consistently in the months to come. But I would try because this is the voice I am trying to speak.
As to saying the same thing over and over again, I am not sure. Perhaps yes, perhaps not. I am aware of the fact that we say things in a manner that is far different from how others see it. We say one thing, others see the opposite. It needs much skill to deliver a message that would be accepted by others the way we want it. I am open to failures on this part. I do not put that much weight yet on my shoulder because I am still new to blogging. I did blog since 2011 but inconsistently. I do not yet consider myself a full pledged blogger, so I am learning more from my experience. Thus, I follow the prompts to just post consistently. This is the first challenge I give to myself. And I am learning much so far.
I am also learning to be grateful to people who do not think the way I do. They make me ask myself why I do what I do. And for me, it is not the prompts that we are writing about. It is who we are. It is how we see things. It is the personalities behind the prompts that give it meaning. It is our individual voice that speaks.
Have a purposeful day!

3 thoughts on “Countless Prompts: One Direction

  1. I like this! I’m new too and loving these daily prompts as a way to stretch and expand my writing. My theory is that while it works for us we should do it 🙂 Happy blogging!


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