Just Follow Your Dream

purposive writer - follow your dream

As a child, we all have dreams. If we ask a first grader what is his/her dreams, he/she would answer, “I want to be an engineer,” “I want to be a millionaire.” All of these kids have dreams.

I remember way back in my secondary years, our teacher asked me to write a ten-year prophecy for each of us in the class. We each has to give who would we become ten years from that time. I was to read that ten-year prophecy on our Junior-Seniors prom night. My dream then was to become a missionary in Vanuatu. Have I achieved that dream? No. My classmates too did not become what they dreamed themselves to be.

Why do dreams fail? Because of lots of reasons. First, the dream may not be what the person heartily wants. It might just be what his parents suggest of him to become.  Second, financial constraint. Other parents are unable to send their kids to school. Or, perhaps the child would only take up a course even if that is not what he wants because that is the only course his parents are capable of paying. Third, the dream may not be supported by parents.

That last reason was what happened to me.  My dream of becoming a missionary failed because my mother did not support me. There was no blessing from her. At eighteen years old I stopped from my studies and entered in the convent, hoping someday I would be a fulfilled missionary. My father blessed me. My mother did not. I also had close relatives of a different religious affiliation, one was pastor, who prayed that I would go out of the convent because they had a different opinion of the path that I chose to take. When faced with trials and difficulties inside, I felt so lost. The only way I found was the way out. I went out eventually. I finished my business course, found a job, got married and now is still wandering for the right path to take. Absurd, yes. Life begins at forty, so I believe.

Now, my dream is to become an inspirational author someday. I hope to inspire. Yet, I also have doubts about my capacity because I am still a struggling infant in life’s superhighway. Perhaps I could share not what roads to take; rather what roads not to take. I have more failures than successes; more doubts and more questions left unanswered. But, I do have faith that someday, somehow, I would wake up one day right on the place where I want to be.  My life would be full of detours and uphills, but my God sees the direction clearly. His rod and His staff never let go of me. So I would never be lost. I am where I am because He is taking me here, there, everywhere He thinks might help me in my journey.

So never give up on your dreams. Follow them. Work on them. God puts that dream inside your heart. He will lead you through to its fulfillment.

Have a purposeful day!


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3 thoughts on “Just Follow Your Dream

  1. Amen. Always follow your dreams, for with God, you never know where He will take you!

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