A Brick For A Kiss

a brick for a kiss

Brick by brick I built my wall;

Brick by brick God broke them all.

With indignation, I asked,

“What are you doing?

“Can’t you see, I’m building a wall!”

With loving eyes God answered,

“My loving child I don’t want to see you in prison.”

“But this is the only way I protect me,”

I retorted angrily.

“But it’s also the shortest way to live in doom,”

He said persuasively.

“What would I do then?”

I asked full of doubts.

He held my hand and said,

“Every time you are tempted to pick a brick,

Give it to me and you’ll receive a kiss.”

So on and on it goes.

Until one day, reality hits me in the nose:

Every time I meet difficulty,

God just wanted to kiss me.


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