How To Cultivate A Mind That Inspires


“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”                                 —  Albert Einstein

Our mind is a garden. We can choose to plant in it any flower we wish. We could plant seasonal that only live for a season, or annuals that grow all year long, or perhaps perennials that last a lifetime. We could plant flowers that bloom, flowers with thorns, or plants that are non-flowering. Or, perhaps, we just could allow grasses and thistles to grow in this garden. We also could choose to cultivate it daily, or just allow it to be. What would we choose?

  For me, I love gardens. I love flowers. I love plants. I love blooms. I love flower scents. Just like the way I cultivate my garden, I also love to cultivate my mind. I want my garden to be beautiful. I also love my mind to become not just beautiful, but interesting as well. But, today I’ll focus more on this beautiful mind of ours.

What is a beautiful mind? According to Edward de Bono in his book How To Have A Beautiful Mind, it means being able to explore ideas with others easily, appreciate alternative points of view, find possibilities and alternatives, and make it a point to be interesting. Well, in short it is all about positivity in all forms. Just like a garden, it is all about planting, nurturing, and growing.

 A healthy garden must have healthy soil. A healthy mind must have healthy foundation. It means we should watch our thoughts, discard the negative ones, honor the differences we have with other people, acknowledge their thoughts even if it does not agree with us and lay our thoughts before others without being disagreeable. We must read good books, listen to relaxing music and always believe that everything would turn out quiet right. We must nurture our mind through meditation and strengthen it with prayers. And we must do this every minute of everyday, if we can.

Yes, there are times, when no matter how positive we are there are still bad days. But, it does not mean we are negative, there are just days that do not agree with us. As long as at the end of the day, we are able to connect with our Maker and lay before Him everything that takes place, He is able to make us strong gardeners taking care of not just our flourishing minds but also our flourishing souls. And that we may attract not just insects and birds but also inspire souls who notice our every bloom.

Have a purposeful day!


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One thought on “How To Cultivate A Mind That Inspires

  1. Thanks for the inspiration!


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