Looking Back At South Poblacion

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The thought had not occurred to me. That is, how my life has changed so much in the South. Yes, I have literally lived at a village called South Poblacion at the municipality of Larena, in the island of Siquijor. Most of the highlights in my life happened at South Poblacion. I had my greatest heartbreak in that place. I did recover, thanks to my God. Eventually, I met my other half from that village; the one who healed my broken heart and led me to move on with life again. It was there that he proposed to me too. We got married there and started our family. We have been blessed with two pretty boys. After three years of our marriage we moved to another location where we built our own sweet home. But we regularly visit South Poblacion because of my mother-in-law who presently lives there. My husband, too, used to be a barangay captain at South Poblacion. Now, he only serves as a barangay councilor.

It is fun living in South Poblacion. It is located at the heart of town. Actually, it’s only half of the center of town because the other half is called North Poblacion. The place is a mixture of residential and commercial spaces. And the people are all nice.

I am proud to say that our island, Siquijor, is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. At South Poblacion, we regularly see these tourists because many lodging houses are located here, as well as the market and the ATM machines.

If you happen to visit this island may you enjoy your stay at South Poblacion.

Have a purposeful day!


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