A Poem For Pocahontas

never underestimate everything beautiful (3)

Goodbye buddy.

I have never really uttered those words before your dead body.

My tears I tried to hide.

So, your passing seemed all but nothing.

But time led me to remember you.

Now I take this opportunity,

To utter the words, never before said.

And express how much you were appreciated.

You were such a good mother;

Breastfeeding puppies that do not come from her;

Getting lice out of every dog’s hair;

Giving each one all your cares.

I have never seen another dog,

As gentle and loving as you.

I mourn your loss;

Waiting, hoping  a dog like you,

Would come in the days to come.

Mulan is to have her own puppies soon.

I wish from her will come,

Another Pocahontas as motherly as you.


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2 thoughts on “A Poem For Pocahontas

  1. Nicely crafted poem. Enjoyed reading. Thank you.


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